Who reads blogs, anyway?

Hail, loyal listeners!

We are starting a blog!  But why would we embark on such a perilous adventure?

…I mean, you’ve listened to the podcast, right?  The point of the show is to see how long we all stay alive – this is a walk in the park compared to that. Right?

But in reality, we just want to better communicate with our listeners. We want to create another avenue for listeners to find the show and get more information on our project, and to be able to talk about cool things and answer questions we can’t address in the podcast itself because Jeff edits out all the fun stuff!

So what can you expect in this blog?  We might:

  • Dialogue about behind-the-scenes stuff
  • Let you read about Jeff’s complaints on the group never following his plan
  • Discuss reasons for various decisions we made
  • Provide insight into the RPG system we’re using
  • Talk about player & character dynamics, and why Zach is the worst of us
  • Post funny bits and bloopers that had to be cut
  • Divulge lessons the group has learned as we’ve played
  • Interview players about their reactions to their characters’ imminent deaths
  • …and more!

We are hoping to release a new entry monthly, and we’ll announce newly published blog entries on Twitter, so make sure to follow us @PlotMelting!  As always, we love to hear your feedback, and if you have ideas for blog topics please make sure to let us know!

Stay tuned, Plotstronauts!

Your expendable imaginary friends,
The Melting Plot cast

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